Kayla Moran





Dan Ob Photography is a Boston-based photographer who was in need of a brand. He wanted a logo that spoke to an edgy and creative outlook, but brought in the traditional elements of photography.


The Greater Binghamton Education Outreach Program is part of the Binghamton Chamber of Commerce. I was tasked with creating a modern, clean, bright logo that conveys the message of growing future leaders as well as connecting businesses and students. The triangles are connected to form a forward facing arrow, easily conveying both messages.


The Tina Fund is a charitable organization that assists those with breast cancer. They had wanted a logo that captured the nature of Tina M. Turner, who the fund is named after, while including a heart and the breast cancer ribbon.


Orange Tree Staffing is a staffing company that is rebranding upon a change in leadership. The company focuses on growth, which is evident upon the sprout growing from the orange seed.


BOOKS is a program by Senator Akshar and Morrisville State College to help kids find an interest in reading. I was tasked with creating a new logo that was clean, appealed to kids, and gave a nod to the fantasy and fun nature of books. The business card also shows that reading is fun - the card has a perforated mark that can be punched out to create a bookmark.


Personalized gifts are a fun way for me to use my skills. I love to create thoughtful and personalized labels, stickers, glasses and more for myself and others.